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Weight Loss Reduces Hip Pain Naturally

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disorder in the world. While it currently affects an estimated 7% of the population, since both age and obesity have been linked with a higher prevalence of

Chiropractic Patients Have Lower Medical Costs (Video)

Let’s face it: cost is an important factor when we’re considering our health-care options. We want quality care that works without racking up unnecessary medical bills. A growing body of research shows that chiropractic is

Patients Relieved of Neck Pain After a Single Chiropractic Session

While multiple studies show chiropractic is effective for neck pain, how long can patients expect to see improvements after starting chiropractic treatments can vary widely. Previous research has analyzed the prognosis of patients with

Highly Acidic Fluids in the Back Could Cause Chronic Pain, Study Suggests

While the causes of back pain vary widely, some factors may increase a person’s risk like obesity and even genetics. New research points to another potential risk factor for developing low back pain: having

Which Chiropractic Treatments Are The Most Effective For Headache?

 Headaches are the third most common reason for seeking chiropractic care in the United States. Chiropractors commonly use a variety of treatment modalities to care for patients with headaches, including spinal manipulation, joint mobilization,

Too Much Facebook Time Could Lead to Back Pain in Teens

Now more than ever, kids are spending an increasing amount of time sitting in front of computer screens as they surf the web, check Facebook, watch YouTube, or complete school work. All that tech-time

Can’t drive 55? It might be your choice of tunes

Driving with certain kinds of music might be dangerous, according to a new study from the UK by researcher Dr. Simon Moore. The study tracked the driving of eight men and eight women, and matched

More Kids Turning to Chiropractic for Relief of Chronic Conditions, Survey Finds

Many parents of children with chronic-health conditions struggle to help their child manage ongoing pain and symptoms. They also worry about the potential effects certain medical treatments and drugs can have on their child’s

Which Americans Use Chiropractic the Most?

In the 1990s, estimates of chiropractic use were in the range of 10%-11%. However, more recent studies have shown rates of chiropractic usage to be lower. Current estimates generally range from 7% to 10%.

Study Shows Why Chiropractic Works for Back Pain

Spinal adjustments are frequently used by chiropractors to treat chronic pain conditions. Lumbar spinal manipulations have been shown to be effective in patients with low-back pain. But what underlying mechanisms cause spinal manipulation to