Monthly Archive:: January 2014

More Young People with Hip Pain

Hip pain is becoming a growing concern among younger and middle-aged patients, especially in teen athletes and weekend warriors. Pain specialists at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center say they are seeing an increasing

Back Pain Affects Entire Nervous System

More and more research is suggesting that back pain can have significant ramifications for the health of the central nervous system. A new study confirmed that patients with lower back pain show signs of

Neck Adjustments Effective for Cervicogenic Headache

Most people with chronic headache depend on medication to get by, but a recent study reminds us of the power of drug-free treatments. Cervicogenic headache is estimated to affect between 20-25% of the adult population,

The Sunshine Vitamin Soothes Fibromyalgia

Winter weather got you feeling a flare-up in chronic pain or fibromyalgia? You might try supplementation with vitamin D. A new study showed that patients with fibromyalgia who used vitamin D supplements had significant reductions

Most Car Crash Victims Don’t Sue Despite Chronic Pain

Auto injury victims have long been accused of faking their symptoms to earn a payout, but a new study shows that in most cases, that accusation is patently false. Researchers from the University of

6 Tips for Staying in Shape this Winter

With the excitement of the New Year fading, you may be finding it harder to stick to those resolutions to lose weight or get to the gym more. But keeping a regular exercise routine

Treating Stress Key for Kids with Migraine

Children with migraine experienced significant reductions in headache frequency after receiving cognitive behavioral therapy in a new study. Researchers found that kids treated with cognitive behavioral therapy plus medication had 4.7 fewer headache days

Avocado: Good for Your Waistline and Your Joints

New research suggests that not only is avocado tasty, it may help to trim your waistline and aide in arthritis management. In a new study, researchers found patients with arthritis who used supplements of

Chiropractic Patients Have Better Knees

 Chiropractic care and massage therapy was tied to better knee function in patients with knee osteoarthritis in a recent study. The prevalence of arthritis is growing by nearly 1 million every year, according to a

Exercise Prevents Need for Hip Surgery

Exercise therapy could prevent the need for total hip replacement surgery, according to a new study. In patients with hip osteoarthritis, an educational and exercise program resulted in a 44% decrease in the need for