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Teens Are Being Prescribed Narcotics At An Alarming Rate

A recent study revealed that a significant number of children are receiving narcotic prescriptions for their headaches, causing great concern about the negative repercussions if this trend does not stop. After all, these types

FDA Warns Against Epidural Injections for Back Pain

Epidural steroid injections must now carry new warning labels about the possible risks of serious adverse events, according to a new FDA announcement issued last week, as reported by Medpage Today. “Injecting corticosteroids into the

Case Study Suggests Chiropractic May Dramatically Help Bell’s Palsy Patients

Individuals diagnosed with Bell’s palsy (which is characterized by paralysis of facial nerves, usually on one side of the face that results in a drooping effect) often have limited options when it comes to

Weight Gain May Lead to Bone Loss

When it comes to weight, there is no doubt that there are major benefits to getting rid of excess fat in the name of good health. Your heart becomes stronger, your lungs function better

96% of Patients Say Chiropractic Boosts Overall Wellness

As complementary and alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular, researchers have sought to identify whether such therapies are fully addressing patient needs. Despite a growing supply of studies indicating the benefits of complementary and

Study Reveals Chiropractic Use According to Region

When you need a health boost do you turn to your vitamins? A chiropractor? Or a session of yoga? The answer to that question may depend on where you live, according to a new

PTSD Tied to Chronic Pain After Auto Injury

A recent study shows yet again that PTSD after mild auto injuries is anything but “minor.” The study, published in the Journal of Rheumatology, shows patients with post-traumatic stress disorder are twice as likely

Wealthier Kids More Likely to Have Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are often blamed on increasing specialization at young age, with children (or their parents) choosing to master one sport rather than a variety of activities. But a new study suggests that specialization,

Physical Therapy vs. Self Care for Whiplash

Up to half of all whiplash patients are plagued with chronic symptoms, and ongoing research seeks to identify affordable, effective methods of preventing chronic pain. The standard treatment for whiplash often includes comprehensive, long-term

Are iPads Making Teens’ Bones Weaker?

Parents often bemoan the amount of time teenagers spend surfing the web or playing video games, and a new study could add fodder to their worries. The study suggests that increased screen time is