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Doctors Writing Off Vitamin D for Asthma

Is vitamin D the magical supplement for chronic inflammatory diseases? In the case of asthma, a new study says “no.” But there are reasons to assume the study didn’t examine the whole picture. In this

Kids Who Eat Mediterranean Diet Less Likely to Be Obese

As parents, we want nothing more for our children than for them to be healthy and strong. This requires that they maintain a healthy weight as they are just as prone to weight-related conditions

Exercise After Whiplash: Don’t Do It Alone

Countless studies have pointed to the benefits of exercise for recovering from spinal injuries like whiplash. But is staying physically active enough to combat minor auto injuries? A new study sought to answer that

Wanna Prevent Sports Injuries? Pump Some Iron

We all know exercise is essential but a new study suggests that exercise is even more imperative for athletes who want to reduce their time sitting on the sidelines with an injury. Researchers discovered that

Headaches May Signal Serious Conditions in Pregnancy

As if raging hormones and growing pains weren’t enough, most pregnant women struggle with at least one bad headache or two. But a recent study from The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist suggests that not all

Teenagers: They’re in more pain than you think

Although the analogy of “aches and pains” is often used to describe growing older, some researchers from Australia wondered how prevalent these issues are in adolescents. Shockingly, what they found is that our children

Overweight with Back Pain? It’s About Your Spinal Discs

Why do obese and overweight patients have a higher risk of back pain? A new study has a partial answer to the question: the height of spinal discs. The results show additional risks suffered from

Hitting the Gym Could Stop Your Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is typically treated with specific methods that focus on the affected area, thereby decreasing the level of tenderness and increasing range of motion. However, News Medical recently reported that a new study

New Relationship Found Between Antibiotics and Asthma

A new study suggests infants prescribed antibiotics have a higher risk of developing asthma later in childhood. However, the findings suggest that these children may have a specific genetic variation that increases their risk

Obesity Slows Recovery from Auto Injury

Carrying extra weight could extend the amount of time it takes for patients to recover from auto injuries, according to new research from the Department of Anesthesiology at University of North Carolina presented at