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Chiropractic Treatment of Dizziness

A recent case study suggests that chiropractic adjustments may alleviate chronic dizziness associated with neck pain.1 A 29 year old man had been suffering from cervicogenic dizziness for 10 years. His dizziness developed in his

Chiropractic Better for Back Pain Than Medical Care

A few years ago, a study was completed where patients were observed who had both acute (or severe) and chronic back pain.  In this study, standard medical treatment was compared to chiropractic care.  A

How to Break the Cycle of Back Pain

You tweaked your back, pulled a muscle, or injured yourself lifting something incorrectly and suddenly you’ve got a shooting pain in your back. These sudden, temporary episodes of low back pain are characterized as

Chiropractic: The Key to Healthy Aging

Think you have to live with back pain just because you’re growing old? You’re not alone. Research shows that although older adults are more likely to experience back pain, they are less likely to seek

Chiropractic Could Be the “Hidden Cure” You Need For Your Migraine

The cause of migraines is still somewhat a mystery. Scientists have found a number of neurological and even genetic factors at play in regard to these often life-altering headaches, but haven’t yet identified a

Proof Chiropractic Lowers Stress, Raises Wellness

It’s well-known that chiropractic is effective for a variety of pain conditions, but over the last few years, more and more studies have found that chiropractic can also help us improve our overall health.

Sciatica Risk Runs in Families

Scientists have discovered an additional risk factor for developing sciatic pain: your genes. Though researchers suspected that genes play a role in this often debilitating back problem, a 2012 study examined the impact of familial history

Smartphones Boost Veggie Intake

We all know we should probably pack more vegetables into our diets but with busy schedules and the temptations of junk food, forgoing the greens is an unfortunately common reality. This of course is

Blood Tests Show How Chiropractic Heals

If you’ve noticed that you always feel better after a chiropractic adjustment, there is now scientific documentation of why that is happening. To verify what occurs physiologically after spinal manipulation, scientists at the University of Spain took

Why Weight Loss Cuts Back Pain

There’s more to weight loss than fitting into your favorite jeans — it just may be your ticket out of chronic pain. So, how? Research shows obesity not only increases your risk of lumbar disc