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Chiropractic Helps Senior Citizens Stay Active

Aging isn’t always easy as your risk of certain medical conditions increases and, often, your mobility decreases—both of which can lower your quality of life. Unfortunately, when you have a spinal condition, the effects

Chiropractic Boosts Antioxidants

Numerous studies have found that antioxidants are important to achieving and maintaining maximum health. Put simply, they take their extra electron and use it to stop the chain reaction of free radicals (which create

Can Low Back Pain Lead to Hip Problems?

Back pain is very seldom limited to the back, especially if it goes untreated for too long. Many patients also report that they start to develop problems with their legs and hips over time. In

Chiropractic Improves Healing of Recurrent Ankle Sprains

Ankle injuries are among the most common injuries reported by sports athletes, ranking number one in 24 specific sports categories such as basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer. Additionally, over 40 percent of ankle inversion

Spinal Injects

Injections of a epidural steroids and an arthritis drug did not significantly ease sciatic pain for patients in a new study. In recent years, the number of epidural steroid injections has soared. This is

The U.S. Painkiller Problem

Are we in the midst of a painkiller epidemic? According to a report issued by Express Scripts titled A Nation in Pain: Focusing on U.S. Opioid Trends for Treatment of Short-Term and Longer-Term Pain,

Unhealthy Lifestyle Linked to Headaches in Teens

Most teens experience headaches at some point and many will suffer the debilitating impact of persistent headaches or migraines. Chronic headaches can prevent teens from engaging fully in school, work, and extracurricular activities. Yet

Surgery or Conservative Care for Sciatic Pain?

When a patient discovers they have sciatica due to lumbar disc herniation, one of the first questions they have to answer is whether or not they wish to undergo surgery. Numerous studies have explored

Resistance Training for Better Health

A recent Finnish article printed in the journal Duodecim discusses the importance and under-utilization of resistance training in regard to treating obesity as well as slowing the aging process. The author discusses how resistance

Effective Treatment of Headache with Chiropractic

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you may be tired of constantly reaching for medications every time the pain begins. Chiropractic care is a safe, powerful alternative with a proven ability to reduce head