Monthly Archive:: January 2015

Chiropractic Effective for Scoliosis

A 2011 study revealed that a multimodal chiropractic treatment can significantly ease the pain and disability of adult scoliosis. This is one of the first studies on the effects of chiropractic and exercise on adult

Acupuncture better than drug for sciatica

Acupuncture could be better than a common drug for treating sciatica pain, a recent small study suggests. After three treatments, 57% of acupuncture patients were cured compared to just 27% of patients taking a

Losing sleep to fibromyalgia

Sleep. It’s something many fibromyalgia patients have a difficult relationship with. It seems like it’s seldom there when you need and the lack of it manages to impact every aspect of your life. Fatigue,

Can exercise make you smarter?

Exercise doesn’t just improve your physical health, it may also enhance your cognitive functioning, according to a new study. Nine women with fibromyalgia participated in a small study of the effects of exercises on working

Chiropractic Offers Quicker Back Pain Recovery than Medical Care

Chiropractic is a proven effective way to help people recover and prevent back pain, but many people still choose to see a medical provider for back problems. According to research published in Spine, the

On-Site Chiropractic Care Reduces Healthcare Utilization

Owning and operating your own business can be quite an undertaking. Not only do you have to properly look after your customers to ensure that you are still in business 10, 20, and 50

Chiropractic Provides Relief for Back-Related Leg Pain

People who suffer with leg pain due to issues with their back often experience more time out of work, higher levels of pain, and more extensive (and costly) medical care than those with back